Red Bull changes part in Vettel's gearbox

Red Bull changes part in Vettel's gearbox

17 November 2013 – Red Bull has legally broken the FIA seal on Sebastian Vettel's gearbox ahead of the United States Grand Prix, with the outfit replacing a faulty oil shuttle valve and carrying out precautionary checks on all gear ratios and associated dog rings.

Vettel, who claimed his second Austin pole position on Saturday afternoon, has used the unit for the past four events, which included a sequence of celebratory donuts after he wrapped up the world title in India and took a seventh straight victory in Abu Dhabi.

The German will not be hit with a penalty for the change, as it has been completed in accordance to the regulations, but there are valid concerns over the state of his unit.

Jo Bauer, governing body the FIA's Technical Delegate, published a report reading:

"A seal was broken on the gearbox of car number 01, driver Sebastian Vettel, in order to inspect all gear ratios and associated dog rings for physical damage. This was done in accordance with Article 28.6d of the 2013 Formula One Sporting Regulations.

"Further they [Red Bull] changed the longitudinal oil shuttle valve and this was done in accordance with Article 9.5.2 of the 2013 FIA Formula One Technical Regulations."

Vettel is gunning for a record-breaking eighth straight Formula 1 victory in Austin.



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