Register for GPUpdate Manager 2017!

Register for GPUpdate Manager 2017!

25 March 2017 – Have you ever dreamed of owning a Formula 1 team with your ideal driver pairing and engine? readers can now sign up for the 2017 edition of the annual GPUpdate Manager game!

Pick your driver, chassis and engine line-up ahead of the new season to be in with a chance of winning Formula 1 tickets, provided by our travel partner, and many more fantastic prizes!

As always, the rules of the game are simple: from a budget of 100 million euros, you must choose two drivers, a chassis and an engine, while ensuring that you do not purchase two items from the same team.

For the first race, the anticipated strongest team/driver combinations will not be within budget, so it will rest on you, with money earned at each round, to improve your entry step-by-step. Changes to your line-up can be made in the transfer window after each race, which closes just before the next qualifying session.

There is also the challenge of all-new regulations for 2017, which could mix up the pecking order.

GPUpdate Manager features a sub-league option, giving you the chance to go up against friends, relatives, classmates and colleagues, and you can go further by creating a sub-league for your area.

Register for GPUpdate Manager 2017 today, at a cost of just five euros per entry!



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