Ecclestone wanted another year as F1 chief

Ecclestone wanted another year as F1 chief

17 March 2017 – Bernie Ecclestone has insisted that he does not feel let down by Formula 1's new owner, Liberty Media, but would have liked one more year as CEO of the sport.

When Liberty Media outlined its plan to acquire F1 towards the end of last year, Ecclestone made clear that he had been asked to stay on for a further three years.

However, when the company completed its purchase, Chase Carey took over as CEO, with Ross Brawn and Sean Bratches arriving in sporting and commercial roles.

Asked if he felt let down by Liberty Media and its management changes, in an interview with Sky Sports, Ecclestone commented: "Not at all. I know the way the world operates."

But pushed if he would have made the same changes, he said: "Probably not.

"I would have asked them to work with me for a bit, wait for a year and afterwards say 'Has it worked, not worked?' 'Not worked? Sorry, you'll have to leave,' or whatever...

"But different people operate different companies differently. I think this is very much the way American companies operate. They bought the car, they wanted to drive it."

Ecclestone, however, rejected claims that F1 has struggled in recent years.

"I think people have got muddled up a bit. These people have thought and said, and Chase has said, that I hadn't done a very good job in the last three years," added Ecclestone.

"I thought I had [done a good job], CVC [Capital Partners] thought I had, and I managed to produce a $1.5 billion-a-year income, which made their shares worth a lot of money.

"Maybe if I'd have done a lousy job people could have bought the shares cheaper."



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