Grosjean: Strong start not everything in 2017

Grosjean: Strong start not everything in 2017

18 March 2017 – Haas driver Romain Grosjean says a strong start to the 2017 Formula 1 season is not vital, stressing the importance of continued positive development over the course of the campaign.

Haas launched onto the Formula 1 scene with aplomb 12 months ago, as Grosjean collected 18 points from the two rounds, before adding only 11 more across the remainder of the year.

Those points were sufficient for Haas to take eighth in the standings, but Grosjean believes improving throughout the year, rather than relying on initial form, will be a more beneficial approach.

"This year, if you had to choose, I think you'd want to start slow and finish hard, and not the opposite," he commented.

"This is because in 2018 the cars are going to be very similar to 2017, and therefore if you're finishing on a high it means you've understood the regulations and everything's going well.

"Your next car will be on that trend. We really want to keep the development going and push through the year, improving race after race."

Grosjean is also wary that there could be a high rate of attrition during the initial phase of the new season, with teams still refining their packages.

"Reliability early in the season is always tricky," he said.

"All the cars have more stress, more G-forces, and so on. All the designers have been working hard trying to understand what the requirements are and that's why we go winter testing, as well.

"We try to see where there are areas we can make things better. Clearly in the early season, there's always a chance that reliability is not perfect, but you can gain from that."



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