Red Bull could leave F1 over engine rules

Red Bull could leave F1 over engine rules

21 April 2017 – Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko says Formula 1 must find an independent engine supply solution by the end of the 2017 season or risk his team leaving the sport.

At a recent meeting, chaired by FIA President Jean Todt, and attended by several manufacturers (in and out of F1), a move to cheaper and noisier engines from 2021 was agreed.

However, Marko outlined the need for an independent engine supplier in the new regulation framework, otherwise Red Bull may reconsider its involvement in the sport.

Red Bull and junior team Toro Rosso are both supplied by Renault.

When asked about Red Bull's current situation, Marko told the official F1 website: "The latest must be 2021 that an independent engine supplier comes into F1. This is more than necessary.

"And the engine has to be simple, noisy and on the cost side below 10 million.

"We are talking about a much less sophisticated engine to what we have now – a simple racing engine. There are enough companies around that could supply [such an engine].

"So we expect from the new owners [Liberty Media] together with the FIA to find a solution at the latest by the end of this season. If that doesn't happen our stay in F1 is not secured."

Red Bull and Renault fell out during the 2015 season, amid the French manufacturer's struggle to produce a reliable and competitive engine, leading Red Bull to assess its options.

Red Bull explored supply deals with Mercedes, Ferrari and Honda, but those talks failed it ultimately re-signed with Renault, which allowed its engines to be rebranded 'TAG-Heuer'.



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