Aston Martin to become Red Bull title partner

Aston Martin to become Red Bull title partner

25 September 2017 – British luxury sportscar manufacturer Aston Martin will become the title and innovation partner of Red Bull from the 2018 season, with the team to be known as Aston Martin Red Bull Racing moving forward.

Red Bull and Aston Martin joined forces in early 2016, initially collaborating on the Valkyrie hypercar, formerly identified by its codename 'AM-RB 001', which is set to run for the first time in 2018.

Over the winter, Red Bull extended its deal with Aston Martin, described as "a simple and pleasing decision" by team boss Christian Horner, given the success of the Valkyrie project.

Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer attended the recent Singapore Grand Prix to "negotiate what we look like in the sport for next year", amid talk of increased ties with Red Bull.

He also revealed that Aston Martin "might be interested" in becoming a Formula 1 engine supplier post-2020, depending on the outcome of ongoing regulation talks.

On Monday morning, it was announced that Aston Martin will become Red Bull's title partner from 2018, described as the "logical next step" for the partnership.

As part of the deepening ties, an Advanced Performance Centre will be located at Red Bull's Milton Keynes base; it will house 110 Aston Martin design and engineering staff, who will work alongside Red Bull Advanced Technologies counterparts to create the Valkyrie's successors.

"Having conceived and created the remarkably successful Aston Martin Valkyrie together in 2016, we extended our relationship this year and are now delighted to further strengthen the partnership and see the team competing as Aston Martin Red Bull Racing from 2018," said Horner.

Palmer added: "We are enjoying the global brand awareness that a revitalised Formula 1 provides.

"The power unit discussions are of interest to us, but only if the circumstances are right.

"We are not about to enter an engine war with no restrictions in cost or dynamometer hours but we believe that if the FIA can create the right environment we would be interested in getting involved."

Aston Martin will feature "prominently" across the team from 2018.



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