Drivers set for grid introductions at Austin

Drivers set for grid introductions at Austin

9 October 2017 – Legendary announcer Michael Buffer is set to introduce drivers onto the grid at next weekend's United States Grand Prix, in a new initiative from Formula 1 owner Liberty Media.

Buffer, the Hall of Fame Sports and Entertainment Announcer, is famed for his iconic boxing introductions, most prominently the "let's get ready to rumble" call.

"I've been involved in some of the biggest sporting events around the world and have introduced most of the greatest boxers of the modern era," said Buffer.

"Now is my time to introduce the world's finest racing drivers.

"They are the stars of the show and I want to introduce them with the energy and adrenalin they deserve before they fire up their engines and get ready to race."

In order to accommodate the change to the pre-race schedule, the FIA will apply for an exemption to the Sporting Regulations as a one-off.

As a result, the pit lane is set to open at 13:15 local time, rather than 13:30, ahead of the race start at 14:00, with the initiative backed by all teams.

"This will allow more time on the grid with the cars and drivers," said Race Director Charlie Whiting.

"The period leading up to the start of a Formula 1 Grand Prix is always very spectacular and we are pleased to be able to make it even more exciting for the general public watching both at and away from the track."



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