McLaren drivers back tyre test cancellation

McLaren drivers back tyre test cancellation

14 November 2017 – McLaren drivers Stoffel Vandoorne and Lando Norris have backed the decision to cancel this week's two-day tyre test at Interlagos, amid security concerns.

A spate of robberies, and attempted robberies, took place on Formula 1 crews across the course of the weekend's Brazilian Grand Prix.

Members of the Mercedes team were robbed at gunpoint when travelling from the circuit to their hotel in a minibus on Friday night; although they escaped unharmed, a gun was held to one person's head.

Williams, Sauber, FIA and Pirelli staff were also caught up in attacks while travelling from the circuit.

Vandoorne and Norris were set to share driving duties in the MCL32 for the two-day test, organised by Pirelli, but the company and McLaren jointly decided on Monday to abandon their plans.

"It's a shame the Pirelli test got cancelled, but with the events that happened the past days there was no need to take any extra risks," Vandoorne posted on social media.

Added Norris: "Obviously gutted that the test isn't going ahead, but the safety of everyone out here is a larger priority than anything else."

Fernando Alonso, who was not scheduled to drive at the test, also supported the decision, commenting: "Sad to hear our tyre test it's not happening, but wise decision.

"Stay safe and big support from everybody here to Pirelli and McLaren guys."

Pirelli's next test will take place at Yas Marina, following the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, with all 10 teams set to participate.



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