In photos: Story of the Brazilian Grand Prix

In photos: Story of the Brazilian Grand Prix

14 November 2017 – Sebastian Vettel beat Valtteri Bottas to end Ferrari's win drought as Lewis Hamilton recovered from the pits to finish fourth. provides a pictorial review of the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Lights out

Valtteri Bottas lined up from pole position, for the third time in his career, alongside Vettel, and both made similarly so-so getaways, prompting Vettel to initially believe that his chance to take the lead had gone.

Vettel makes his move

However, in the second acceleration zone, Vettel inched closer to Bottas, and dived for the gap into the Senna 'S', placing his car perfectly, to grab the lead from Bottas, who was unable to counter.

Nothing like a Dane

The field at first avoided drama but at the right-hander it was a case of three-into-one. Kevin Magnussen drifted his Haas across the circuit, Stoffel Vandoorne was squeezed, and Daniel Ricciardo was pitched into a spin.
McLaren drivers past and present retired, while Ricciardo dropped to the back.

French Connection

Romain Grosjean duelled for position with Esteban Ocon as the pair rounded Ferradura, but lost control and swiped Ocon, sending both into a spin. Grosjean, who believes a puncture was to blame, was held culpable, while Ocon was forced out, his first retirement in Formula 1, ending his record 28-race run.

Vettel pulls clear…and stays ahead

Vettel pulled the pin at the restart to swiftly escape DRS range, and from there opened a comfortable buffer over Bottas. Mercedes used the undercut with Bottas, enabling him to draw closer, but Vettel exited his stop fractionally in front, and duly opened a gap once more.

Hamilton recovers

While the scrap for victory was intriguing but ultimately static, much of the focus switched to Hamilton, as he worked his way forward from the pit lane. Aided by a fresh power unit, and DRS, Hamilton made mincemeat of the midfield runners, and was soon lapping in the points.

Status quo

Vettel continued to hold a gap to Bottas, who in turn kept a gap back to compatriot Kimi Räikkönen, as Max Verstappen gradually fell away, skewered by worsening tyre wear on his Red Bull, and fell behind Hamilton, the Mercedes man running the alternative strategy. The Briton caught Räikkönen, but was unable to make a move.

Brazilian flair

Felipe Massa made gains on the opening lap and passed Fernando Alonso at the restart, sparking a race-long duel, ultimately for seventh spot. Massa held on to record an emotional seventh position, with Alonso, hampered by Honda's lack of grunt, in turn fending off Sergio Pérez at the line.

Ferrari is back

For the first time since July's Hungarian Grand Prix, the victory flags flew for Ferrari beneath the podium, after Vettel's fifth win of the campaign, providing "relief" after a difficult second half of the year.

Felipe's farewell

Following the conclusion of the official podium ceremony, Massa climbed onto the rostrum, alongside his son, for an interview with Rubens Barrichello, to bid farewell to his home fans.



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