Formula 1 reports TV, digital growth in 2017

Formula 1 reports TV, digital growth in 2017

7 January 2018 – Formula 1 has reported increased year-on-year audience figures across television and digital platforms in 2017, with the sport the fastest growing on social media.

The TV cumulative audience – the aggregate of the average audience of all the F1 programmes broadcast across the year – in the top 20 markets* stood at 1.4 billion.

This was an increase of 6.2 per cent compared to 2016, with the top four markets - Germany, Brazil, Italy and the UK – all registering growth.

The strongest of these was in Italy, a growth of 19.1 per cent, coinciding with an upturn in Ferrari's fortunes, followed by Brazil (+13.4 per cent), the UK (+3.9 per cent) and Germany (+0.9 per cent).

Other significant increases were registered in China (+42.2 per cent), Switzerland (+14.3 per cent) and Denmark (+14.1 per cent).

Cumulative viewing (live and non-live) of races remained at around 603 million.

Under Liberty Media, Formula 1 has adopted a revised strategy on social media, compared to the approach used during Bernie Ecclestone's reign.

Formula 1 has attracted 11.9 million followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, an increase of 54.9 per cent compared to 2016.

Facilitated by its initial slow reaction to new platforms in previous years, it meant Formula 1 had a greater social media growth in 2017 than the likes of the Premier League, Champions League and NFL.

The minutes of video on Facebook was up by over 1,600 per cent year-on-year, reaching more than 390 million users, the growth hugely boosted by the posting of qualifying and race highlights.

Formula 1 also reported an increase of users on its official app and website.

"We are encouraged by the growth in audience numbers across linear and digital platforms during the 2017 season," commented commercial chief Sean Bratches.

"Central to our efforts last season was to improve the fan experience across our platforms and it is encouraging to see the engagement that fans around the world have with Formula 1 media.

"Our work continues as Formula 1 fans will see material changes in 2018 with respect to both incumbent experiences and the creation of new ones. It is a good time to be a Formula 1 fan."

*Top 20 markets, in alphabetical order: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, UK and USA.



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